Horský hotel Kráľova studňa

Discover wonderful in the Great Fatra

Discover wonderful

in the Great Fatra

The mountain hotel Kráľova studňa is located in the beautiful surroundings of the Great Fatra National Park below the peak of Krížna (1574 m above sea level). Untouched nature and clean air at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level offers ideal conditions for trips, hiking and relaxation. At night you can experience an endless sky full of stars. Come to get energy and silence, which is a balm for the soul. → More about the hotel

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Discover the flowers of the Great Fatra


Experience the comfort offered by the Kráľova studňa hotel and choose accommodation in the unique environment of the Great Fatra National Park.

Our hotel offers 54 hotel beds, 3 tourist rooms (8-bed), family and royal suite. The rooms offer a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains, and absolute silence during the night guarantees a peaceful sleep.

Trips in the surrounding area

The hotel is located at the crossroads of hiking trails. The most beautiful routes are to Gaderská dolina, Blatnická dolina or the ridge hike Kráľova studňa – Borisov.



Interesting facts


The hotel is located at the crossroads of hiking trails. The most beautiful routes are to Gaderská dolina, Blatnická dolina or the ridge hike Kráľova studňa – Borisov.



Interesting facts

Jánošikov skok

How can you reach us?

By car to the hotel

Mountain hotel Kráľova studňa is accessible by car along a dirt road, 14 km long road through the Zalámaná valley. The exit to the start of the dirt road is not far from the parking lot of the Harmanecka cave. Since this is a forest road, we recommend vehicles with a higher chassis.

Due to the unique environment of the hotel, and the fact that the hotel is located on the territory of the Veľká Fatra National Park, restrictions for motor vehicles apply here:

  • Driving on the dirt road by car is allowed for hotel visitors only with a valid permit

! ATTENTION CHANGE from 1.6.2023!

  • The permit to enter the Zalámaná dolina by motor vehicle is charged by the amount of 6,-€, which is collected by Mestské lesy Banská Bystrica s.r.o.
    When entering the valley, send an SMS message in the form

ZL license plate /example ZL BB123XY/ to number 2200

  • The permit is valid for one return entry. The validity of the permission starts after receiving the return SMS message.
  • Parking is possible only in the reserved parking lot of the Kráľova studňa hotel for free.

For foreign visitors : Send an SMS with the text “ZL licence plate”, /example ZL BB123XY/ to the number +421 940 682 135 and follow the instructions that you will recieve in the SMS.


From May 13 to October 29, 2023, you can take the Turbus tourist bus line from Banská Bystrica to Kráľova studňa in front of Horský hotel Kráľova studňa every Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

The bus is intended for hikers. Transportation of bicycles is not possible. You can use the CYCLOBUS to transport bicycles.

The bus leaves at 8:40 a.m. from the Mičinská parking lot, from where it continues through the railway station (8:45 a.m.), Národná (8:49 a.m.), Strieborné námestie (8:55 a.m.) and Dolný Harmanec, cave (9:11 a.m.). Back from the Hotel Kráľova studňa bus leaves at 15:50.

Price: €5 one-way, €7 round-trip, while the round-trip ticket is also valid for the next day if it is a Sunday or public holiday.

Seat reservation is possible with the TURBUS operator at zutobus.sk


This year too, you can use the CYKLOBUS from Banská Bystrica to Sedlo Malý Šturec. The CYKLOBUS to Sedlo Malý Šturec runs every Saturday from May 13 to September 24, 2023.

The CYKLOBUS leaves at 7:55 a.m. from Strieborné námestie, and can transport max. 45 bicycles, including 7 electric bicycles. The CYKLOBUS leaves Sedlo Malý Šturec at 8:40 a.m.

The price of the ticket is €2, including the transport of the bicycle.

The CYKLOBUS does not run in case of adverse weather conditions. Current information can be found at Central Slovakia.

For those who ride e-bikes, you can use the charging station at the hotel completely free of charge.

Hike to the hotel

Experience wonderful views and perfect hiking in the Veľká Fatra National Park. The hotel can be reached by many hiking routes. We recommend routes from Harmanec via Bystricka or Zalámaná dolina. We also recommend the route from Turecká via Úplaz, Staré Hory via Majerova skala and peak of Krížná or a multi-day crossing via Chata pod Borišovom. 

You can see more routes and hiking tips below. 

Biking to the hotel

Veľká Fatra National Park offers beautiful biking routes, for example through Bystrická and Zalamáná dolina, which start in Harmanec. Another bike route to the hotel leads from Sedlo Malý Šturec , where you can also get by CYKLOBUS

If you are interested in renting an E-bike, you can use the reservation system from our partner E-bike Dolný Harmanec. You can also use the charging station for electric bikes at the hotel.


Infinite sky

In the vicinity of the Kráľová studna, there is a unique protected area – the Great Fatra Dark Sky Park. Visitors and guests of the Mountain Hotel Kráľova studňa have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the starry sky. In the Veľká Fatra Dark Sky Park, the night sky is of exceptional quality. Even without a telescope, we can see around two thousand stars and many objects of distant space. The silvery Milky Way is visible even low above the horizon, it is richly structured, reminiscent of marble.

Hotel guests can take advantage of a special weekend stay with stargazing through astronomical telescopes and expert interpretation.


Kráľovský spánok

Vyberte si z našej širokej ponuky ubytovania v tradičných dvoj a trojlôžkových izbách, apartmánoch alebo turistickej časti. 


Výlety v okolí

Hotel sa nachádza na križovatke turistických chodníkov. Najkrajšie trasy sú do Gaderskej doliny, Blatnickej doliny alebo hrebeňová túra Kráľova studňa – Borišov.

Book Kráľova Studňa - the Great Fatra

Kráľova studňa, to which this beautiful narrative publication is dedicated, lies in a magical, relatively rugged mountain environment in the south of the highest ridge part of the Great Fatra. As its editor, publicist Fedor Mikovič, wrote – it offers the reader a walk through a mountain landscape full of exceptionalities, with a landscape worthy of admiration and interest.