Horský hotel Kráľova studňa

Book Kráľova Studňa - Veľká Fatra

Book Kráľová studňa - Veľká Fatra

Legend has it that sheep herders met under the peak of Krížná hola, at the border of three estates. One came from Zvolenská, the second from Turčianská and the third from Liptovská stolice. The sun was burning, so the sheep had to be watered. And here there was a dispute about which estate the spring belongs to. In the heat of the argument, someone suddenly addressed them. It was King Matthew Corvín himself who was returning from hunting: Why are you quarreling? – he is asking. Every shepherd talked to him and complained. Matej Korvín thought about it and said with the authority of the sovereign: “Since you can’t agree, the spring will belong to me!” It will be mine—the King’s Well!”

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Kráľova studňa, to which this beautiful narrative publication is dedicated, lies in a magical, relatively rugged mountain environment in the south of the highest ridge part of Veľká Fatra. Veľká Fatra National Park is one of the most preserved areas, which is also reflected in the number of declared small-scale protected areas – fifteen national nature reserves, four nature reserves, one national natural monument, ten natural monuments and five protected areas. These are mostly intact forested areas, rare rock formations, or preserved wetlands. There are also several small protected areas in the vicinity of Kráľová studna. In the enthusiasm of the post-war years, the idea of ​​building a modern facility instead of the cottage burned down by the occupants arose as part of the then “biennial”. The initiative was supported by the city of Banská Bystrica, especially with the construction of an access road through the Bystrica Valley.

The hotel, whose neighbors are exclusively nature and silence, was put into operation on August 28, 1951. During the decades of continuous operation, it has experienced enough. Many certainly remember the times spent at school in nature or at ski training. The building is not indestructible, which is why builders took up residence at the King’s Well between 2006 and 2010. The result of the reconstruction is beyond expectation. The hotel has 47 beds, there are apartments, family rooms and double rooms. On the ground floor, there is a super-standard tourist hostel – three eight-bed rooms with shared facilities for personal hygiene. The mountain hotel Kráľova studňa, surrounded by protected beauties and natural gems of the Veľká Fatra National Park, is located at an altitude of 1,300 m above sea level. m. Far from the hustle and bustle of civilization, deep in the heart of nature, it provides perfect conditions for gaining mental and physical strength.

The book Kráľova studňa – as written by its editor and publicist Fedor Mikovič – offers the reader a walk through a mountain landscape full of excellence, with a landscape worthy of admiration and interest. While wandering through this mountain landscape, you can enjoy the view of the sprawling sticks all around, the proud rock cliffs, the deep dark valleys, and the rich forests on their slopes, at every step. You will forever thank your human destiny that you were born and will forever rest in this beautiful country, which by the happy management of our human destinies has become our homeland. This country – in the words of the poet Mikuláš Kováč – resembles a temple:/ A chant about man/sounds in it without stopping… // When you enter this country/ you would like to kneel…

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