Horský hotel Kráľova studňa


Surroundings of the hotel

SNP Monument

The Slovak National Uprising Monument is located 20 minutes from the hotel and not far from the memorial site for the victims of the mountains in Veľká Fatra. There is also a bunker located nearby.

Kráľová Skala

The King’s Rock is located 15 minutes on foot from the hotel. It is located at the crossroads of hiking trails and it is definitely worth going all the way to the top, from where you can enjoy a magnificent 360° view of the mountainous Veľká Fatra.

The Bystrica spring

Near the Kráľová skala and the Kráľova studňa spring flows the Bystrica spring, after which the town of Banská Bystrica is named. It is here that the Bystrica flows through a wooden footbridge. Here you will find a beautiful view with benches and information boards.

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Symbolic cemetery for the victims of the mountains in Veľká Fatra

The memorial site for victims of the mountains in Veľká Fatra was inaugurated on August 20, 2011 as a memorial to the victims of the mountains and a warning to visitors not to underestimate the dangers and pitfalls of the mountain environment.

The place of worship is located on a frequented tourist crossing 570 meters from the mountain hotel Kráľova studňa, not far from the SNP monument. There is a steel cross on the rock massif. Below it is a plaque with the names of the victims since 1954, when their records began.

Dark Sky Park Veľká Fatra

In the vicinity of the Kráľová studňa, there is a unique protected area – Veľká Fatra Dark Sky Park. There are excellent conditions for observing the night sky. You can take advantage of our special weekend stays for stargazing.

Historic stone bridge in Zalamana valley

There is a historical stone bridge in Zalámaná dolina, which may have an extraordinary historical value.

The Horná Túfna Cave

One of the most famous archaeological sites in Slovakia is located in the immediate vicinity of the King’s Well – the Horná Túfna cave, known for its wealth of rare finds.

Turecká - Krížna chairlift

The Turecká – Krížna chairlift was put into operation on November 17, 1971. It is 2,060 meters long with a height difference of 730 meters.

During the operation, more lifts were added: a children’s two-hundred-meter lift, and two curved lifts, lower and upper, each of which was 4,130 meters long. This technically equipped ski center served to the satisfaction of skiing and hiking enthusiasts, with a visit of around 1,200 passengers per day. An insensitive privatization ended the operation in the spring of 1993. On November 4, 2005, the upper station burned down, and thus one of the last objects that reminded the existence of the chairlift disappeared.

Log flume

In the valley of Rakytovo near Dolný Harmanec, there is a unique cultural monument for rafting straight wood – a log flume.

The flume was probably built in the 19th century and was declared a national cultural monument in 2000. The log flume, with a total length of 2,450 meters, was significantly damaged over many years and remained partially disabled. Thanks to the initiative of the Banská Bystrica city, the intention to repair the water channel Rakytovo was created as part of the project “Development of the tourist infrastructure of the city of Banská Bystrica. The entire structure of the water trough is made of wood – spruce and fir, without the use of other materials, such as iron or plastics.

The Čremošniansky tunnel

The Čremošniansky tunnel on the railway line Banská Bystrica – Diviaky stretches from the mouth of the Túfna valley near Harmanec, under the mountain saddle Malý Šturec, to Čremošné. It is the longest railway tunnel not only in Slovakia, but also used to be in the whole of Czechoslovakia. It measures 4,698 meters, and right there, at kilometer 31.425, the track reaches its highest point – the peak point at 692.94 m above sea level.

Plane wreckage